Thanks to one company’s efforts, there may be light at the end of the tunnel for sufferers of a number of allergies:see this page to discover why.

The growth in the incidence of allergies has been noticeable in recent years. The most common allergies include foods such as egg, milk and peanuts.

DBV Technologies is now leading the way in combatting certain allergies through the Viaskin Patch (

As the name suggests, this epicutaneous patch is applied to the skin. The essential components of the patch revolve around its metal backing (PET titanium), breathable over-adhesive and adhesive crown.

The theory underlying this epicutaneous patch is surprisingly simple. Using an electrospray, miniscule quantities of an allergen are sprayed upon the patch backing.An ultra-moisturizing ‘condensation chamber’ formed between patch and skin allows these protein compounds to reach the tolerogenic Langerhans cells, where they begin the work of gradually desensitizing the body to these antigens.

The Viaskin peanut patch in particular could be a real boon to millions.